Simply Bittersweet

Oh my goodness!!!!
Book Two of the Wine Tasting Series is now available through Amazon Kindle. I’ve posted a link for Simply Bittersweet below! I hope you all get a chance to check it out!

Simply Bittersweet, Book Two of Wine Tasting

First blog post

It’s FINALLY here!!

For a limited time only, Sweet Summer Wine is FREE in the Kindle Store!

Sweet Summer Wine is the first book in the Wine Tasting series.

Share Giselle’s explosive summer experience as she explores the possibilities with Ryker.

Giselle is forced to end her summer visiting her father and his new wife for two weeks. She’s at odds with him over the one guy that makes her feel alive, Ryker, her step-mother’s nephew. She must choose whether she’s willing to go against her father’s wishes to experience what could possibly be the love of her life, or will she obey her father and give Ryker up forever.

Giselle and Ryker must decide if they’re feelings are worth pursuing in this sexy, summer series.

DISCLAIMER: This series includes very intense and mature content.

For a free preview please click the link below!