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I’ve begun working on my New Series, Atrocious Enterprise! But, in the mean time! Check this out!

The Journal of Emory Tate is the prelude to the series! You wanna know Emory’s side of the story?! Each of the Journal Entries will be placed on!

Entry One

Entry Two

The Atrocious Enterprise series, scheduled to arrive Fall of 2017, is a walk on the wild side with a man that prefers to dominate rather than love. Follow the troubled Emory Tate as he disastrously tries to have everything he desires at the expense of those around him. Will he change his ways and win the girl of his dreams or will he lose her forever to a well put together man with his priorities in check?


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Hot Torrid Afternoon Author’s Party

Come join the fun! There are several great Author’s Hosting and Co-Hosting the Party. There is a raffle and some awesome party favors being handed out! Come check the extravaganza!!! The party starts on August 18 at 2 pm ET!! I would love it if you could all come and join in on the games and conversation! Visit the link below to confirm your attendance and enter the Raffle!

Hot Torrid

Hot Torrid Afternoon Author’s Party

Can’t wait to see you all there!!! Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win in the Raffle. Participation is required to earn the party favors as well!!!

Hope to see you there!

Early Harvest Teaser!

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(¸.✿¨*.¸¸.•` ✿ Early Harvest, Book 3 of the Wine Tasting series is on Amazon for only .99! Grab your copy now!Early Harvest Teaser

Early Harvest, Book Three of the Wine Tasting Series

Liquid Cashmere, Book 4 COMING SOON!

Giselle and Ryker’s relationship continues in this fast paced erotica.

Giselle must decide if she’s ready to cut ties with her father over a man that could possibly be her soul mate. But first, she should find out if her feelings are even reciprocated. Is she merely the early harvest before the prime picking or is she the one thing that Ryker desires more than anything else in this world.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains very mature content meant only for adults.

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