Have you heard about the Texas Heat Series?

Malakai Stone: Book 1 of the Texas Heat Series

I have reviewed this on Amazon and Goodreads! But I’m going to make things easy for you. Below you’ll find the blurb, a buy link, and my review! Happy Reading!

Malakai CoverIt’s been a long time coming…but that day of going home – back to Cripple Creek Texas is here. Malakai Stone is going home. Matter of fact in about three minutes he will be boots on the ground. His mind flashed back …down in the ground where dead people grow…hell no not going there. He shook his head, straightened his shoulders and stepped through the doorway of that helo.
He took a deep breath of that hot but sweet smell – TEXAS – no place like it on earth – at least to Texans.
Swinging his duffle up over his shoulder he headed toward the exit. His thoughts turned to Liberty – the girl he’d left behind five years earlier – it is time for all the secrets to see the light of day. Liberty is his…

Buy Malakai Stone: Book 1 HERE

If that hasn’t already convinced you… I have a secret!


Need some more teasing… you’ll get plenty in this Hot Erotica Series…. but here’s a little more.

Malakai Teaser


I rated this book 5 Hot and Steamy Stars!

Here’s my review…

“Let me start by saying this, I’ve read the entire Texas Heat Series! Every one of the books are fantastic.

I’ve now read Malakai for a second time. Cree Nations has outdone herself with the entire series, but Malakai has a special place in my heart. I laughed! I cried (more than once)! I was pissed off! And I was relieved! Cree brings and array of feelings to her books that I haven’t felt, while reading, in a long time.

You will get no spoilers from me, but I will say this. Buy the books in this series with caution, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE!

Malakai is the youngest of all his brothers. He is head-strong and stubborn. He’s also tender and loving! In this first book, you will go on a wild ride as Malakai sets out to right the wrongs that have been done to his family. He spares no expense and does everything in his power to protect the ones he loves!

This Erotica is a Hot, Hot, Hot!!! You don’t wanna miss this or any of the other stories in The Texas Heat Stories!”

For a complete list of Cree Nations’ Books …. Click Here for her Amazon Author Page

To stalk Cree Nations on Facebook … Click Here!



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