London Michelle is a housewife and mother of four. She spends her days looking after her family. But after dark, with the curtains pulled and the lights down low, she writes stories that will ignite your fantasies and pull you into amazing new worlds.

She currently has six books out and has several WIPs (works in progress). She writes Erotica and some sub-genres in that category such as Taboo, BDSM, Dystopians, and Supernatural/Paranormal.

London also enjoys Live Write Events and connecting with fellow authors. She’s an avid reader and likes to give back to the Author Community by Beta-Reading for close friends and mentoring new authors.

A little about her work:

The Wine Tasting series is a sweet, but naughty forbidden romance. With the full series already published, you can take a peek at the ripening relationship between Ryker and Giselle for only .99 each. Or, you can pick up the whole series in a bundle for a steal. Harvest your fantasies and take a sip!

The Slaughtered Souls series begins with Devastated. Devastated debuted January of 2018. Join Annabelle Davis in a Supernatural Erotic story as she’s torn between taking care of her widower father and being with the man she thinks she loves. Darkness and mystery surround Annabelle as she fights for control over her own soul! The power of good is stronger than evil, right?

The Forever Among the Shadows Series is written in Episodes. Starting off with a bang, The Monster Within is captivating audiences with an array of elements from BDSM to Paranormal. This hard hitting series is sure to be a reader’s favorite. Luca and Matteo are secretive and sexy. Brooke, she’s just learning to love herself again. Join Brooke, Luca and Matteo on a journey that is suspenseful as well as romantic!

The Atrocious Enterprise series, scheduled to arrive Spring of 2019, is a walk on the wild side with a man that prefers to dominate rather than love. Follow the troubled Emory Tate as he disastrously tries to have everything he desires at the expense of those around him. Will he change his ways and win the girl of his dreams or will he lose her forever to a well put together man with his priorities in check? Come find out in The Journal of Emory Tate, Extortion, Defamation, and Exoneration.

The Edge of Crimson Gates is a Dystopian Romance with a few of London’s favorite monsters thrown in. Is anybody ready for a battle in this newly planned series? Madame Walker controls all and sees all, thanks to the powerful grid and loyal workers. With the threat of a front row seat to Z Day, they have to be, right? When outside forces sabotage the festivities, a slew of viral expatriates swarm the city. Can Luna and Hunter live long enough to answer the one question that has plagued them since Madame Walker’s reign began: What lies on the edge of Crimson Gates?

DISCLAIMER: London Michelle’s books are meant for people 18 years and older. The characters in these stories are purely from her imagination. Any character names, businesses, or towns do not represent any real entity or person. These books contain content that is not for the easily offended. Some situations may be too intense for some. Foul language and descriptions within these books are intended as entertainment for mature adults.

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