Live Write Event

The House of Dark Angel Publishers puts on these fantastic events, usually every week! On Fridays they set up a lineup of incredible House Authors and Authors that want to write with them.

For those of you that don’t know what a Live Write is, it’s simple. Authors are paired up in twos. They are given a picture, or suggestion, and they have to create a story with their partner in real time. So as they write it, you see it. It’s a fantastic way for authors to be challenged in genres they might not be used to writing as well as a fun way for readers to get involved with their favorite authors on a more personal level.

House of Dark Angel's photo.

On October 13th (Friday the 13th), I am writing alongside Zorha Edwards, Darlene Tallman, Anthony Vidal, Cree Nations, and Dark Angel, himself.

This event is jam-packed with exciting writing, but there will also be an exciting event afterwards, I believe. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. I hope you can make it!




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I’ve begun working on my New Series, Atrocious Enterprise! But, in the mean time! Check this out!

The Journal of Emory Tate is the prelude to the series! You wanna know Emory’s side of the story?! Each of the Journal Entries will be placed on!

Entry One

Entry Two

The Atrocious Enterprise series, scheduled to arrive Fall of 2017, is a walk on the wild side with a man that prefers to dominate rather than love. Follow the troubled Emory Tate as he disastrously tries to have everything he desires at the expense of those around him. Will he change his ways and win the girl of his dreams or will he lose her forever to a well put together man with his priorities in check?


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