Sweet Summer Wine, Book 1, Wine Tasting Series

Giselle is forced to end her summer visiting her father and his new wife for two weeks.

2 Sweet-Summer-Wine

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She’s at odds with him over the one guy that makes her feel alive, Ryker, her step-mother’s nephew. She must choose whether she’s willing to go against her father’s wishes to experience what could possibly be the love of her life, or will she obey her father and give Ryker up forever.

Giselle and Ryker must decide if they’re feelings are worth pursuing in this sexy, summer series.

Disclaimer: This book is meant for people 18 years and older. The characters in this story are purely from my imagination. Any names, businesses, or towns do not represent any real entity. This book contains content that is not for the easily offended. Some situations may be too intense for some. Foul language and descriptions within this book are intended as entertainment for mature adults.

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