The Journal of Emory Tate, 1st Installment

The Journal of Emory Tate is a very special project. These installments begged to be written! They are the prelude to the Atrocious Enterprise Series. While they are not currently being made being offered on any of the major platforms, you can still read them for free with Bedtime Diaries!

Featured in this first installment: Cherry and Emory!

The Journal of Emory Tate is a collection of  entries telling the story of a man on a journey with no destination. Emory Tate has many difficulties in his life. He has addictions. No, not to drugs or alcohol. Sex. Domination. Power. Those are his demons! Follow his memoirs and get ready for my series coming this fall, Atrocious Enterprise.

Bedtime Diaries is your One Stop Shop for Erotica short stories, ranging in different genres for several styles and tastes. Pop on over to their website and check out their assortment of stories. Some of your favorite author’s may be writing for them. You’ll never know until you take a peek under the sheets!!! Don’t forget to follow them for exciting new content!

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Coming Soon to All Platforms as a Novella!